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Crowdsav Updates

November 2023

Launch of New Crowdsav Mobile App Features! To all members of Crowdsav Community, we thank you for all your efforts in providing local information of public-accessible automated external defibrillators (AEDs). These AEDs are symbols of our community resilience. In our efforts to increase community resiliency, we are thrilled to announce a major upgrade to improve communication between members of our community.

Update on Mobile

  • More AED picture uploads per site: Now you can upload photos at 3 different angles
  • Map of AEDs in vicinity: In addition to AED location landmarks list
  • Messaging thread to family/colleagues: For quick communication in times of crisis
  • Family connectivity to groups assisting you at your locality: To receive real-time information or provide vital information to first responders

Update on Web

  • Paused all web features for the time being